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A leading manufacturer of the nylon Bi-hex cladding screw and home of the tek screw since 1994


We have all our fasteners, whenever possible, coated with a 500 hour Ruspert Coating. 

Ruspert is a multi layered high corrosion resistant coating. Typical test reports show no signs of corrosion even after 1000 hours of testing.

How does Ruspert compare to other coatings and is it a necessity?

Typically an 8µ Zinc with clear or yellow passivation will have well below 80 hour SST before sever corrosion occurs.

BUT there are screws that were installed over 30 years ago with a standard 8µ Zinc plating without any sign of breakdown or rust, what so ever, on the underside of roofs?

BUT again where caps have come off or perished over time (UV light will break down and make polyethylene brittle over a prolonged number of years) then heads of screws and washers on the exterior, open to the elements, have rusted. So in benign environments an 8 or even better a 12µ Zinc plating “should be” adequate if caps stay on.

If having to use caps it is always a good idea to apply some MAGBPRO or similar (Silicone if all that is available) to each head to bond the caps to the heads. This can increase protection considerably.

Please note:

A 5µ standard commercial BZP is never suited in external (or in many cases internal) uses. Although stating 5µ the middle threads and under head could well have less than 1 or 2µ, as plating is never uniform, and protection will have almost gone completely even before installation.

With a Bi-Hex coloured head then no matter how aggressive the external environment it is very unlikely there would be any corrosion as the head and metal part of washer is totally encapsulated. UV stabilized Nylon has a much longer life expectancy than Polyethylene

We are unable to control where every screw we sell ends up and in what application or environment they are used. Will the screws be just capped? will the caps come off?, is the building on the coast? is the internal enviroment benign or is it very aggressive with chemical use or extreme humidity?

We have a policy of supplying only Ruspert 500hr coatings on all our screws in case of these worst case scenarios and to know there will be no problems.

So if you want to guarantee to have the best protection, use our screws with Bi-HEX heads to make sure they will be” adequate.

Stainless Steel Bi Metal screws are normally recommended for Aluminium sheet cladding as they offer less possibility of galvanic corrosion issues.


Swimming Pools or buildings where Chlorine or other aggressive chemicals are used, extreme care should be taken. Chlorine-induced stress corrosion can occur on certain grades of Stainless.

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