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All prices are exclusive of VAT

 Please note: Only the most popular Bi hex colour head and screw types are ex stock items; all others will be subject to a S.R.S (Short run surcharge) of £25.00 for quantities under 1000 pieces which applies to each item.

Colour categories A, B, C, D, E, Colours and made to order Colours

S.R.S. Short Run Surcharging

N.C.S. New Colour Surcharges

C.M.S.  Colour Matching Surcharges


Nylon 11mm Bi Hex Colour Head sizes

16mm washer Bi-Hex 2mm EPDM backing

19mm washer Bi-Hex 3mm EPDM backing

29mm Aluminium washer Bi-Hex 3mm EPDM backing

Colour Categories

Colour Category A

Only one Bi hex colour head in this category Goosewing Grey. Most popular choice with optimum colour fastness due to its low woolscale value. Higher stock quantities in every size and type available.
Goosewing Grey
BS 10A05
Exact match to Ral 7038 and Ral 080 70 05

Colour Category B

Most popular Bi hex colour head options available in most common sizes including Composite panel screws with 19mm heads. Poppy red kept with 29A washers for rooflight applications.
Juniper Green
BS 12B29
Exact match to Ral 140 20 20 Close match to Ral 6007       Ral 160 20 10
Merlin Grey
BS 18B25
Exact match to Ral 180 40 05
Olive Green
BS 12B27
Exact match to Ral 100 30 20
Poppy Red
BS 04E53
AKA Flame red. Close match to BS 04E56 and Ral 3000 AKA Chili

Colour Category C

Higher levels of stock on more common sizes excluding Composite.
Metalic Silver
BS S7500
Exact match to Ral 9006
BS 00E55
Exact match to Ral 9003 AKA Pearl

Colour Category D

Good levels of stock on high usage sizes of screws.
BS 18B17
Exact match to Ral 240 80 05 AKA Gull Grey
Anthracite Grey
BS 7016
AKA Onyx
BS 00E53
Exact match to Ral 9005
Grey Aluminium
Ral 9007  
Ral 9002
AKA Grey White
Moorland Green
BS 12B21
Exact match to Ral 100 60 20 AKA Khaki Green
Ocean Blue
BS 18C39
Exact match to Ral 220 30 25 AKA Azure Blue
Ral 5003
AKA Sapphire Blue 
Slate Blue
BS 18B29
Exact match to Ral 7024 Close match to Ral 7015
Vandyke Brown
BS 08B29
Exact match to Ral 8014

Colour Category E

Only the most popular sizes of nylon moulded head colours for screws kept.
Ral 7000 
AKA Adventura
Bahama Blue
Ral 5015 
Very close match to Solent Blue BS 18E53
Heritage Green
Ral 6002
 AKA as Forest Green/Leaf Green
BS 10C31
Exact match to Ral 1015 AKA Light Ivory/cream/Citrine
BS 12B17
Exact match to Ral 100 80 20 AKA Willow Green
BS 10B19
Exact match to Ral 080 70 10
Ral 7035
AKA Moonstone
Solent Blue
BS 18E53
Exact match to Ral 240 40 40 AKA Cornflower Blue
BS 04C39
Exact match to Ral 040 40 40 AKA Copper Beech
Wedgwood Blue
BS 18C37
Exact match to Ral 220 50 15

Other Colours moulded to order 

These bi hex colour head products are normally moulded to order only.
BS 08C35
Exact match to Ral 080 70 30 AKA Cinnamon
Barn Red
Ral 030 30 40
Beige Brown
Ral 8024
Ral 220 30 25
Britannia Blue
BS 18E58
Ral 3004
AKA Shiraz
Ral 110 50 10
Capri Blue
Ral 5019
Fir Green
Ral 6009
Graphite Grey
Ral 7024
Match to Slate Blue BS 18B29
Green Pantone 369
Grey Blue
RAL 5008
AKA Midnight
RAL 040 70 05
Ice Blue
RAL 230 80 10
Ral 1014
BS 14C37
Exact match to 150 50 20
Lemon Yellow
Ral 1012
AKA as Sirius
Moss Green
Ral 6005
Mountain Blue
Ral 5014
AKA as Pigeon Blue/Denim
Ral 2004
AKA Easyjet Orange
Oxide Red
RAL 3009
Pearl Beige
RAL 1035
Pebble Grey
RAL 7032
BS 04D44 
Exact match to 3013 AKA Russet Red
BS 14C39
Pure Grey
Ral 000 55 00
Quartz Grey
Ral 7039
Red Brown
Ral 8012
Reed Green
Ral 6013
Reseda Green
Ral 6011
BS 08E53 
AKA as Signal Yellow
Sand Yellow
Ral 1002
AKA as Straw 080 70 30
Silk Grey
Ral 7044
Slate Grey
Ral 7012
AKA Basalt
Svelte Grey
BS 10B23
Exact match to 080 50 30 AKA Quartz Grey
BS 06E53 
Telegrey 4
Ral 7047
Traffic Blue
Ral 5017
Traffic Grey
Ral 7042
Verona Green
BS 14E53 
Violet Blue
Ral 5000
Close match to Sargasso Ral 5003
White Lilac
Yellow Green
Ral 6018
AKA Greyrock 
Zinc Yellow
Ral 1018

 Short Run Surcharge

For orders of less then 1000 of non-stock Bi hex colour head/items there is a £28.75 surcharge.

S.R.S. £28.75 + VAT

Lead time for moulding nylon moulded head colours allow  7 to 10 working days from order.

 New Colour Surcharge

If you require nylon moulded head colours that cannot be matched to any of the above colours we have in stock, our colour supplier has over 30,000 options in their library able to be formatted in PA6. You would need a colour reference. There is a new colour surcharge of £136.00. For very large orders this charge is waived

N.C.S. £136.00 + VAT

Lead time for new colour production and moulding allow 18 to 21 working days from order.

Colour Matching Surcharge

In the very unlikely event that our colour supplier cannot give a close enough match to your colour reference or sample, we can get a colour match done. This requires the expertise of a colourist who will formulate test samples using our materials until an “exact” match is made.

C.M.S. £290.00 + VAT

Lead time for these nylon moulded head colours can vary depending on how successful tests are and how quickly colour can be approved by you.